Building your own planter boxes

In preparation for spring, we needed to build some new planter boxes.

You could consider buying them for a lot of money from a shop, but we decided to recycle instead, using some old pallets that would have just been thrown out by a local shop. Ralph wanted to try to give them a second use to build planter boxes with them.

Finding two like pallets with the HT marking (Heat Treated), you can easily build a good sized planter box.

The steps to the process:
1. Sand them down; Ralph used just under an hour to sand them down and remove splinters.
2. Fasten them with some simple brackets.
3. Put in a porous woven plastic lining and staple it to the planter box.


Overall it took about an hour and we think looks pretty good. These are very sturdy boxes and won’t fall apart when you use decent quality pallets to build them.


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