Dairy free smoothies

Raspberry and strawberry smoothie

Raspberry and strawberry smoothie

Our boys just love a smoothie. If they are not feeling the best or just want a treat, they will jump for joy if we suggest making a smoothie. And by that I mean literally jump for joy. When one of them gets to turn on the blender, they shake or dance to the sound and fall on the floor. Very strange, yet cute at the same time. And perfectly normal for two little monkeys aged 4 and almost 2 years old.

Raspberry smoothie with strawberry yoghurt

Raspberry smoothie with strawberry yoghurt

As the youngest is allergic to milk proteins, we have to be a little creative in what we make in general, but smoothies are so simple. And no one can tell that they are dairy free either. As we are waiting for the berry season to come, we currently have to use store bought frozen berries. Our own supplies ran out a few months ago. But nonetheless, the store bought ones make for nutritional smoothies too.

The boys are fairly young still, so we stick to simple recipes for their smoothies with berries, banana, juice, soy yogurt and soy or almond milk.

A typical recipe for smoothies for them contain:

200 grams frozen berries
One ripe banana
300 ml apple juice
100 ml soy milk
150 ml soy yogurt




Mix everything well in a blender for about a minute. Enjoy with a cool straw! 🙂

Involve your kids:
This is a very easy thing to have your kids help make. In our household it is almost considered an excursion to go to the freezer to pick the berries to use.
Depending on their age, they can pour berries into the blender, peel bananas and break into bits and put in the blender and even the youngest can “help” pour the juice and milk into the blender as well. And, of course, don’t forget the main event, turning that switch on to make the machine go. This is the icing on the cake. And even the almost 2-year old monkey helps with the majority of these tasks.


Mixed berry smoothie

Mixed berry smoothie

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