Child friendly, vegan lunch muffins

With one boy that is allergic to milk protein and eggs, we have to think a little outside the box when making dinners and snacks for the kids. It is important for us to make some allergy friendly alternatives that does not differentiate between the boys. Luckily he is not extremely allergic anymore and will likely grow completely out of it, but until then, we have to be a little careful.

Vegan alternatives therefore become a welcomed choice in this household. As part of that, we have tried out some vegan lunch muffins. This is a very child friendly recipe that can easily be spiced up a little for more grown up flavors. Our boys did not particularly like the nuts in this recipe, and picked out the larger pieces. But other than that, they enjoyed them.IMG_2908

From a grown-up perspective, I would recommend to add a little bit of spices to the recipe, like cinnamon, nutmeg or even a little bit of ginger. That would elevate the taste experience a few levels. However, they are extremely moist and stayed moist for several days when stored in a sealed plastic bag.


100 grams flour
80 grams almond flour
25 grams sugar
25 grams chopped nuts
25 grams sunflower seeds
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 apple, grated
2 carrots, grated
100 ml apple juice
1 tbsp good food oil

Mix everything well in a bowl. Fill 12 normal muffins forms (or 12- cup muffin tin) with the mixture. Cook at 170 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes until well risen and golden in color.


If your child is not too fond of bits in their food, you can use milled nuts instead to make it more appealing to them.
Using a little bit of dark chocolate will also add more flavor, and off course make them slightly more attractive to the kids as well. At least mine will be over the moon if they get something with chocolate in it. And considering the limited amount of sugar in these, some dark, dairy free chocolate will not do too much harm.

Involve your kids:
If they are old enough, they can try to grate the apples and carrots. Younger kids can join in on finding and measuring out the ingredients, and of course stir it all together in a baking bowl.
If you are using muffin forms, they can place these on the baking tray.
With the youngest, I go through the ingredients and tell him what it is before putting in the bowl, trying to get him to repeat what I say and thus building his interest in food and cooking.


Remember a messy kitchen is a happy place! 🙂

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