Chia seed overnight pudding

I only very recently discovered the chia seeds and the it healthiness and versatility. I normally have it as an over night porridge with fruits and berries. This is a very satisfying and healthy breakfast that gives a great start to the day. It gives a proper start to the day with plenty of vitamins, fiber and healthy fatty acids.

Raw chia seeds

Raw chia seeds

Chia seed facts:

  • They are packed with Omega-3
  • They have a very high fiber content
  • They are high in protein
  • They contain high amounts of calcium
  • They contain phosphorus
  • And, they give a good sense of feeling full or satisfied.
  • They are also known to be good if you have diabetes and for fighting heart diseases.

I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical at first, I normally am towards new things. Especially the ones labelled “superfood”. But I have really taken to like these, especially when making an overnight fridge porridge. It is easy to make ahead, and easy to finish up in the morning. Normally the boys want some fruit in the morning anyway, so cutting up a little bit to put on top of the chia porridge is quick and easy.

3 tablespoons chia seeds
150 ml liquid (you can use any type of milk, soy, almond, oats etc., or yogurt)

Pour into a jar or bowl and stir well with a fork. Let is sit for a few minutes and then stir well again before putting it in the fridge over night. The second stirring avonds it setting too hard and not swelling well.

Chia seed porridge with fruits, berries and homemade granola on top.

Chia seed porridge with fruits, berries and homemade granola on top.

If the overnight porridge is a bit tough and claggy in the morning, just add a little bit more liquid and stir well. This will make it lighter.
If you make the overnight porridge in a jar, then you have an easy breakfast to go as well.

If you find it too bland, add a little bit of vanilla sugar to the mix, or flavored milk.
Use chia seeds when you are baking bread. This way you add omega 3 and additional fiber to the loaf.

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