Pumpkin soup

Since Easter is just around the corner, the posts on the blog this week will be a little focused towards that topic. I will try to add a little on activities with kids and good family dinners with a hint of yellow to stick with the Easter spirit. 🙂 The first one being a delicious yellow pumpkin soup.

What do you like to eat for Easter?

Vibrant color to a healthy soup

Vibrant color to a healthy soup

I have to admit, pumpkin and pumpkin soup was new to me before I met Ralph. But coming from a different part of the globe, he was used to different vegetable varieties than me and quickly introduced some to our dinner table. Pumpkin has since become a staple in our household and a welcomed change to the more common potato for dinner. I will post other recipes with pumpkin too, but will start with the more traditional way too cook it, namely the pumpkin soup.

We are actually just now finishing up using the last pumpkins from last year. It is such a treat to be able to harvest and eat your own homegrown produce. A lot of what you harvest can store for a long time given the correct conditions. We have a cool and dark, but dry basement area where we can store root vegetables, pumpkins, onions and similar. This has allowed us to be self sufficient for a lot of the vegetables for 6-9 months of the year.

Pumpkin soup may seem like a winter type meal, and it may very well be. But it can be made a little less heavy by adding some other fresh vegetables. Or, if it is a rainy spring day, a good wholesome pumpkin soup may very well be appropriate.

When making pumpkin soup, I rarely measure much. It typically ends up tasting nice anyway. The main element is to cook the vegetables well and to use a good quality stock and have a good blender (I almost set fire to an old one once because it couldn’t handle the amount of vegetables and liquid. 🙂 ). If your blender is not big enough, then mix it up in a few batches and stir everything in a pot before serving.

The ingredients needed for a good soup

The ingredients needed for a good soup

For this type of meal, it is only approximate. It is no big deal if you use a little more or less of something.
1/2 pumpkin, preferably one with a bit of flavor and dense flesh
4 carrots
2 parsnips
1 celeriac
1 stock cube
Milk or cream to taste

Peel and cook all the vegetable until they are nice and soft. Put them into a good sized blender together with some of the cooking water and some cream. Don’t add too much liquid at start, but start blending and see how you like the consistency. Add more liquid as you are blending to not get a too runny soup. Several of these vegetables retain a bit of water, so it may get very liquid very fast if you just pour in a huge amount to start with.

Homemade croutons are perfect addition for a soup

Homemade croutons are perfect addition for a soup

I like my pumpkin soup thick, so I normally only add a little bit of the cooking water to the ingredients in the blender. To still get some stock flavor, I add the stock cube to the cooking water for the vegetables to incorporate some of the flavor that way, rather than adding a huge amount of stock on the side.

Should you have homemade stock already in your freezer, then I would thaw a cube and just add that to the ingredients in the blender.

Vegetarian/allergy friendly:
If you want to keep this vegetarian or dairy free for other reasons, then use soy cream (i.e the blue one from Alpro).

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