Fluffy bread rolls

The boys often ask for buns to eat. They realistically want sweet buns when they are asking, but strangely enough they will normally accept bread rolls too. So I try to make some fairly regularly to have for breakfast, lunch or evening meals. Often I make a larger portion and freeze half. They easily defrost in the oven at 100 degrees for 10 minutes. They are nice as a snack too, just to tie them over until dinner

If you want to have nice bread rolls for breakfast, then these are very convenient to make. You prepare the dough the evening before and leave to prove over night. Then roll them up first thing in the morning and leave for their second proving. You can always cheat a little too and do the second proving in the oven at a 30 degree Celsius temperature. The second proving time should be for between 1-2 hours. I left the ones in the pictures in this post for almost 4 hours. They were extremely fluffy and it is not necessary to leave them for that long. Over the last months, I have made rolls both with and without sourdough starter and with the boys, these ones have by far been the favorites. The judges have spoken and who can blame them. These turned out really nice and fluffy with a good crust.

A pile of fluffy, steamy bread rolls

A pile of fluffy, steamy bread rolls

400 grams all purpose flour
100 grams whole wheat flour
3 grams dry yeast
7 grams salt
300 – 350 ml cool water
20 grams butter at room temperature

Mix everything, except 1/3 of the water in a mixer with a dough hook. Once it starts to become a dough, add as much of the last water as needed. The dough sould be sticky, but not wet. Leave it in the mixer on low speed for 7-10 minutes until it is nice and elastic.
With this amount of yeast, i made the dough in the morning and only shaped the rolls after work, so about 10 hours proving time. Second proving was 3-4 hours.

A little sinful treat; freshly baked bread rolls with Nutella.

A little sinful treat; freshly baked bread rolls with Nutella.

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