Easter egg hunt & twist bread recipe

What could be more fun for the kids to do during Easter than an Easter egg hunt? We’ve had a wonderful day with 11 kids running around searching for Easter eggs in the garden, eating candy, hot dogs, marshmallows and just having great fun. It takes a little effort to plan and execute, but if you share the tasks with your friends, you can easily arrange an Easter egg hunt without too much planning or preparation needed.

Delicious grilled marshmallows

Delicious grilled marshmallows

Bringing the Easter egg back

Bringing the Easter egg back

We have started a little tradition where we invite friends with kids to participate in an Easter egg hunt in our garden. Nothing formal or fussy, just a little fun for the kids. Eggs in various sizes and colors are hidden around the property and the kids get to run around searching for them. To make it a fair game, we hand out prizes afterwards, rather than having one child find and get 5 eggs and another gets none. If you want to make it more of a challenge and effort, then you can of course make the event into a treasure hunt with clues. This will work better with older kids more than the youngest.
Easter egg hunt_IMG_4014

To make it a fun day for the kids, we add a few other activities they can after the hunt, in addition to just being able to play in the garden. It doesn’t have to be very complicated. Street charcoals to draw on the ground, a football and similar and they are pretty happy for a while. This year we put soap bubbles in the little gift bags and the kids had a blast playing with them too.

They found all the eggs and prizes were ready

They found all the eggs and prizes were ready

Another activity that always brings lots of joy, is being allowed to barbecue stuff on sticks, hot dogs, marshmallows or bread twists.


Menu tips:

Yummy food for kids and parents

Yummy food for young and old

When hosting an event like this, it is important to keep it simple and child friendly to avoid being overworked before the actual event starts.
Items that are great for events like this are:

  • Pastasalad
  • Large side salad
  • Potato salad
  • Focaccia
  • Bread rolls
  • Sausages
  • Burgers
  • Twist bread (recipe below)
Stick bread ready for the kids

Twist bread ready for the kids

Recipe for twist bread:
500 grams flour (use some darker flour to make it more filling)
2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
100 ml neutral food oil
150 to 200 ml luke warm water

Mix up the dry ingredients and then add the oil and some of the water. Don’t add more water than necessary. Knead the dough until firm, almost the consistency of play doh.

To cook, tear off a bit, roll it to a sausage and twist around a stick or skewer. Cook over the barbecue pit until cooked through. It will let go of the stick when done. Make sure to twist the stick slowly when cooking the bread.



The dough for the twist bread is quite heavy and dense and it is a little sweet in flavor due to the sugar in the recipe. It is definitely best straight from the barbecue. As it only contains baking powder and no yeast, there is not a whole lot of purpose you can use any leftover dough for. It will be very dry and dense if you make it into buns or similar.

You can also twist the dough around a sausage on the skewer, making it “pigs in a blanket”.
The dough is on the sweeter side, so you can also add some jam or fruit and wrap it around.

Giant marshmallows ready to go on the barbecue

Giant marshmallows ready to go on the barbecue

Involve your kids:
To prepare for the barbecue part, take your kids for a walk to find good little sticks to use as skewers. Don’t pick dry and old wood as it would catch fire. If you want to make the wooden skewers, it has to be fresh wood with the bark removed at the tip where you place the food.
For the food, the kids can help chop up the vegetables for a salad or a pasta salad and they can help measure up and put the ingredients for baked elements into the kitchen machine. My two year old loves to turn on the machine. It doesn’t have to be very complicated to be engaging and interesting to the kids. If there is not much they can help with, just give them their own set of equipment that is not dangerous and let them pretend to cook something. My boys will be happy with a saucepan, a serving spoon and cheerios if I am working on hot stuff or with equipment they can’t use.



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