Fun with fruit


Kids are easy to please and entertain with a little bit of effort with a good selection of fruits and a few little aids.
Adding some creativity to the dessert plates is always highly appreciated by my kids. With a few tools and some bit of inspiration, you can easily make some fun plates for the kids. My trick to get some inspiration is that I search for the figure or shapes with Google images. An image of the animal, figure, vehicle or similar that I would like to make is all that is needed to be able to cut some fruit and berries into the shapes needed.







I have founds that these are healthy and funny ways to get the kids to eat their fruits, especially if you are struggling to get them to eat their fruits and greens. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be perfect or even close for the kids to appreciate your efforts. You can start with making a little sun and the little gesture will be welcomed. I am not in favor of making everything fun, but I see how much the kids enjoy these kinds of treats when I have the time and energy to make something a little bit more entertaining than their usual fruit bowls.

It also doesn’t take a huge selection of tools and molds to make cute and funny figures for the kids. I use round molds, cookie cutters, rings for the piping bags (to be able to make different sized circles and oval shapes etc.), a good and sharp smaller kitchen knife and a decent selection of fruits, berries and in these photos, some small dark chocolate buttons. The latter of course being the first part that gets picked off by the boys and eaten! But a small treat is fine.


The chocolate buttons are chocolate from the Belgian brand Callebaut. We have a very nice local chocolate shop in town and they sell 2,5 kg bags of chocolate from Callebaut (and smaller bags of course). The great thing about these is that there is a large selection in the amount of cocoa in them, so you can choose good chocolate, but not necessarily 70-80 percent. The ones I currently use are around 55%, which is dark enough, but not bitter. The boys love this chocolate. I also like it for the fact that it is dairy free. The lighter chocolates will contain milk, but above a certain level of cocoa content, it doesn’t contain milk. This makes it very versatile for us with a little one with milk allergies. I use this for making all kinds of desserts, cakes and baked goods. And they make for nice treats for the boys, without having to give them a large amount of chocolate.

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