Soft cottage cheese cookies

Quite often the little monkey’s will declare that they want to make something. Typically, they want to make buns or muffins. But buns will take a while and muffins, well that is not the healthiest to make on a regular basis. Often I can persuade then into making something else, as they are generally happy as long as it involves pouring ingredients into the mixer and being allowed to turn it on.

Cottage cheese_IMG_4153

This time, I remembered I had seen a recipe that I wanted to try on the blog Living on annette and we had some cottage cheese in the fridge that we needed to use. Now, the boys won’t touch the cottage cheese as it is, but neither of them objected when we put it into the mixer. Strange stuff, even if they know it is in there. As long as we have made it into something they like, in this case cookies, then they are happy to eat it. J If only they’d be that easily tricked into eating anything healthy.

I altered the recipe slightly, but not much. I used a very lean cottage cheese (only 2% fat) and I added some vanilla sugar for taste. With the lean cottage cheese, it definitely did not mix up as well as with the ones with more fat seems to do. It is very dry, so you could see some of the spots in the dough. But the flavor was very nice. And the monkey’s approved immediately too.

Some fun shapes, but that is part of making these with the kids

Some fun shapes, but that is part of making these with the kids

The sugar content in these soft cookies is low too. I won’t call them healthy, but with the cottage cheese, you have a good source for proteins here too, not just a carb loaded cookie. As a little treat, it is definitely not a bad thing to whip up.

250 grams cottage cheese
½ cup melted butter
1 egg
¼ cup sugar (more for dipping)
2 cups flour ( I used a little bit more for kneading on the baking surface)
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla sugar

Melt the butter and let it cool a little.

In your stand mixer, whisk the egg and sugar for a few minutes on high speed. Add the cottage cheese and mix properly at a little lower speed (else it will splash everywhere).

Sift the flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar and add it to the wet mix a little at a time. You may not have to add all the flour, depending on how wet the cottage cheese mix is. I had to add more than the 2 cups, but only did so by kneading is a little on the baking surface after it was all well mixed.

The dough should be soft, but manageable to roll out with a rolling pin and work with.

Cottage cheese_IMG_4147

Once you have gotten the dough to the desired texture, roll it out to 5 mm thickness, use a round mold and cut into little circles, fold them over, dip them in sugar and lay on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Use round molds to make circle shapes

Use round molds to make circle shapes

Cook at 175 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. The cookies should be golden.

Involve your kids:

Fun helping for little monkey's

Fun helping for little monkey’s

These cookies were very easy to make and great for involving the kids. They helped from start to finish, by getting ingredients from the fridge, finding the needed tools, pouring ingredients into the mixing bowl, sifting the dry ingredients.

But of course, the most fun part was to dip the cookies in sugar and in the case of the almost 2 years old, throwing them onto the baking tray. The shape and looks of the cookies were far from picture perfect, but then had loads of fun helping to make these. And they enjoyed eating some too.

However, if you do allow them to help with this, make sure to keep the vacuum cleaner close. You will need it immediately after these have gone in the oven. We had sugar everywhere! But we had fun too! And, you can always make your kids do the vacuum cleaning too. 🙂

Cottage cheese_IMG_4165

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