Pancake fun

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The boys just love it when I make them some fun pancakes, especially animal pancakes. It doesn’t have to be very fancy or perfectly made either, they are quite happy with anything I put a little effort into making. It is great fun to see how excited they get when they get a little treat.

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I have posted a recipe for pancakes before, which you can find here. These are dairy and egg free, but you can easily make the same recipe with eggs and normal milk too.

Make it healthier:
Use whole grain flour for parts of the base to make it more of a meal than a dessert. But don’t swap out all the all purpose flour with whole grain. That will just make the pancakes really dry and heavy.
You can also choose your fats carefully. I sometimes use coconut oil and sometimes a mixed oil with Omega 3 and 6. As this is for kids mainly, I am not too concerned about the fat and carbohydrates, but I try to make them lean and filling.

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With a selection of fruits, berries and a good sharp knife, you can easily make some nice fun pancakes for the kids. If you have some cookie shapes, you have an even better starting point for making something fun.

I have found that this is a great way to “trick” the kids into trying out new fruits too. I am not going to claim that it always works, but they tend to forget to check what it is when it is served in a different way than just a fruit bowl. That is not to underrate the importance of the fruitbowl, as they will devour the content of that if they get what they prefer.

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Good fruits to use:

  • Banana, easy so cut into slices to use for eyes, ears or similar.
  • Apples, more solid and easier to cut into smaller bits for mouths, eyebrows etc.
  • Grapes, great for eyes, nose, ears.
  • Melon (cantaloupe and honey dew), firm and good to cut shapes from.
  • Strawberries, great for ears, eyes, nose. Larger ones can be ears by themselves.
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries, great for the little details.
  • Mango, great for color and if it is not overripe, it is good to shape too.

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Involve your kids:

Pancake fun_IMG_3609
Kids can easily help make the pancakes and decorating them afterwards. It does not matter if they turn out like figures, animals or just mess. The main thing is that we all have fun and make food together. πŸ™‚

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