Off the beaten track – Hobro Mini Zoo


With so many large attractions in Denmark,  one may wonder if it is worth going past these small family run places. It definitely depends on what you want to experience and how much time you have. I also think it is much more interesting when you have young kids. We stopped here during our Easter vacation with the kids as it fitted nicely with a lunch stop and we got to visit some relatives at the same time.

Hobro mini zoo is not a highly professionally run place and it may have it’s little needs for a tidy up here and there. But it is obvious that the owners are doing a bit of work  to keep the place interesting too. And you are welcomed by happy and engaged staff when you enter.


It was well suited for a 2 and a 4 year old and there were plenty of kids a little older too. And that even on a cold day. The size is manageable to small kids and so are the impressions. There is a huge playground at the entrance, next to the cafeteria and a few walkways to see and meet some of the animals. The boys loved to play on the playground on the swings, slides and with all the available toys there. They had plenty of bikes, tractors and tricycles for the kids to drive around the park.


You definitely do not run a risk of feeling ruined after visiting this place. The menu and variation may not be the biggest, but they definitely do not overcharge you for anything either, being in the cafeteria or the souvenir shop. You can also buy a bag of food to feed the goats, which the kids thought was very fun. It is also possible to borrow a barbecue to cook your own food if you’d like. This is free of charge.


The range of animals is somewhat strange, with your normal petting zoo animals of goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. They also have a lot of birds, including parrots, ducks, peacock and turkeys. On the more exotic level, there are wallabies, a female, a male and a little baby was there when we visited. They also have alpaca, lama and emu.

In a small area, there were also a selection of different squirrels, which amused all.


For the cafeteria, the selection is not huge, but definitely acceptable for such a small place. They serve toast, hot dogs, meat balls with mash, sodas, ice creams and a selection of candies and treats. It was a rather quiet day (mid-week) when we visited, so I believe the food selection is larger during the main season.

Entrance prices are 40 DKK for kids and 60 DKK for adults.


The main low would be the toilets. As we were there on a pretty chilly day, it was a cold experience to go to the toilet and especially to do a diaper change. The little monkey was not very impressed by the conditions. But I have seen a lot worse!


You have seen and done all if you set aside a couple of hours here. So if you need a stopover on your way through Denmark, your kids will enjoy this little zoo. And it is little, but you do find a few of these around Denmark and a lot of them are definitely worth a visit, if only to entertain the kids for a few hours. 😊

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