Easy tortilla pizza

Having two small boys, there is not always time for any fancy or time consuming dinners, and to be honest, they would much rather have a pizza or pasta and sausages than any fancy creations. Added then the dairy and egg allergy of the youngest, we have to look for suitable and fairly healthy alternatives that does not take hours to prep. One of these simple dishes that they love are pizza of course. But to change it up and to make it a quick meal, I use whole grain tortillas and just add the topping to them. Either store bought or homemade tortillas. If you use store bought, be aware of the content. A lot of the producers are getting better at using healthy oils, so stay away from the ones with palm oil and look at the fiber content and types of grain.

Tortilla pizza_IMG_5433

Involve your kids:
Tortilla pizza_IMG_5430On the base, the kids can easily help put on the topping of their choice. The easiest is to be prepared make a small station with topping ready to be put on the pizzas, where they can choose what they like. It doesn´t have to be complicated or extravagant at all. The kids normally like it simple. Use paprika, sweet corn, onion, sausages, chicken or ham, pineapple and similar or be creative! My oldest once made his pizza with pumpkin, apple and corn! And he ate it happily, so just keep and open mind.

Tortilla pizza_IMG_5432

You can easily add some nutrition to the meal by adding vegetables to a homemade tomato sauce. That will hide some of the ingedients the kids may not choose themselves and just add some good flavor to the pizza. I tend to use canned tomatoes, carrots, paprika, red onion and mushrooms. A suggested recipe you can find here. I normally make a larger batch of tomatosauce and freeze some in portion cups, that makes it a lot easier on a busy day.

Tortilla pizza_IMG_5437A great thing about portion sized pizzas is that you can be a little bit more adventurous with the ones for adults, especially if the kids are fairly picky. It is a good way to be able tu use up leftovers of salamis, or other cuts of meat that you can´t find much use for. And you can add some more spices to the one for yourself as well.

When you have finished adding the topping of your choice to the pizza bases, finish it off with a layer of good cheese. Preferable mild, like mozarella for the kids and something with a little bit more flavor for the adults, like an aged cheddar.

Cooking these pizzas is quick. well. Maximum 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. Don´t let them get too dark around the sides. Then they get very brittle.

Tortilla pizza_IMG_5438

If you want something easy for a children´s birthday party, then you can set up a station with the various toppings and let the kids make their own pizzas. This works well for smaller sized parties, and it makes it easier if you have kids with allergies attending as well. You can also get dairy free cheese if that is needed.

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