Garden progress


It’s budding and growing everywhere in the garden and it is such a happy and welcomed sight. The rhubarb is getting to decent size too and I really look forward to being able to pick it and make delicious food with it in a weeks’ time.


The garden is becoming green and other colors are appearing20150427_211108everywhere too, especially in the flower pots and with the rhubarb.

The budding of the red, black and white currants always signals the start of the growing season and this year the season starts on time.

Along with the raspberries, jostaberries and strawberries, this year promises to be a good season.


After cleaning the beds of last years foliage, the plants are ready to grow and a good dose of manure will help them get a good start.

The garlic is growing nicely and 3 to 4 leaves are now on each plant. At this rate, the garlic should be ready around end of June i would expect.


A few weeks after planting the onion sets, the first leaves are now growing and now i have managed to plant shallot sets also. Shallots are a really nice addition to salads and also as a onion substitute when only a small amount is needed.



The peas are coming along nicely now and i have managed to erect the climbing net for them now. The heirloom peas i grow are very tall varieties and can grow up to 3m tall, so a good support structure is needed to support the weight of the plants.

Garden_IMG_5053Inside the greenhouse, the tomatoes and paprika are now in their beds, along with the oca and the first wave of salads. Hopefully the first salad harvest is ony about a month away now.


In pots, the jerusalem artichokes are growing finally and have popped their heads out of the soil. These plants can be 3m tall, and are related to sunflowers so we will need to stake them soon whereever their final growing spot will be.

Lastly, the oregano in the greenhouse is growing prolifically. We can already begin harvesting and i think the first harvest should be drying in the next week or so. It is always so much better to dry herbs yourself, as the flavour is so much better, and it keeps so well in just a sealed plastic bag.

The cucumbers are now growing indoors still in pots, and if the weather continues to warm up, they will surely og into the greenhouse in the next week or so also.

Sprouting strawberries

Sprouting strawberries

Beautiful sprouting berry bushes. And some overdue weeding needed.

Beautiful sprouting berry bushes. And some overdue weeding needed.



2 thoughts on “Garden progress

  1. My parents used to have a huge garden and I remember having always fresh produce on the table at home wouldn’t be an amazing thing to me but just something normal and that everyone has. Now, I am away from home and don’t have the opportunity to grow my own garden. But i appreciate more fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. Your pictures reminded me my home away from home.
    Please share the progress with us. I would love to see everything blooming 🙂
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is such a blessing to be able to have space to grow our own fruit, berries and vegetables. We have found a great little lot that allows us to plant quite a bit of what we like. The convenience and appreciation of being able to pick your own dinner out the back is priceless really. I will do my very best to post more pictures from the garden as it progresses. Hoping for some warmer weather over the next few weeks and some major development to the first crops. 🙂


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