Creamy leek and mushroom side

This simple little side is perfect for a steak dinner and quick and easy to make. I am not too fond of covering a nice cut of meat with a heavy sauce, I’d rather have something with a little bit of moisture on the side.


The side is quite mild in flavor with this recipe, but you can easily add more seasoning or a heavier cheese to it as well. I.e. some chili or chili paste would add a little punch to it that would still go well with a good steak. In this recipe I used a fairly simple brie. Keep in mind when using brie that the white “crust” will not melt. If you don’t like this much, you should cut it off prior to adding it to the pan. If you, like me, don’t mind, then just toss it all in. It adds it’s own little additional flavor too.

I have to admit though, this is not the prettiest looking side dish. It gets quite grey and dull, but if you can see past that, I can promise you a delicious little side dish for your dinner.

1/2 small or 1/4 large leek
1/2 red onion
2-3 mushrooms, I use large button mushrooms
100 ml Cream
50-75 grams Brie



Wash and clean the vegetables. Cut the leek into thin slices, cut the red onion into small pieces and cut the mushrooms into small slices. Add a good chunk (yes a good chunk, I never measure as I tend to add a little more it everything gets soaked up immediately) of butter to the pan and let it melt on fairly high heat.

Add the mushrooms, onion and leek and cook on medium to high heat to soften. Toss regularly. Once it is cooked, add the cream, brie and herbs.


Turn down the temperature to fairly low and let the cream bubble slightly and the cheese melt. Once all is melted and the consistency seems ok, it is done. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

As mentioned, serve is as a side to a good steak. It will also fit well with chops, roasts or similar heavier meat dishes.


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