Spring is here! Peppermint tea



Trying to enforce some childhood memories for the boys through some of our own. More precisely Ralph’s childhood memories of the fresh homemade peppermint tea. This is so simple and so delicious and it gives the best spring feeling on a sunny day. Bringing this on to our boys, being able to just pick the fresh ingredients in the garden and make something delicious and creating some great memories for them is why we do it all.




20150514_141959The mint is a great plant to have in the garden, it is versatile and vigilant. But make sure to plant it in an enclosed bed. Else, you will have mint everywhere! It spreads like crazy. The first year we had a small mint plant in a corner of this bed. That is two years ago and now it fills the entire bed and is trying its very best to grow out of there too. 🙂


Considering the amount we are getting, it is great that mint can be used for many different things;
Mint tea
Mint pesto
Mint ice cream
Fruit salads
Mint sugar
Food decoration
This is just to name a few possibilities there are. Only the imagination will stop you. And I hope to get to try to make some of these during the Summer.

Sitting down with a chilled peppermint tea is really emphasizing the season we are entering. We have had some really wonderful sunny days and sitting outside, watching the kids play and being able to enjoy a glass of the homemade peppermint tea is just pure happiness.

I have to emphasize that this a bit of an approximate. I never weigh anything when making this tea, it is all by taste.
One large handful of peppermint sprigs


For making this, I use a medium sized steaming pot with the insert. This makes it extremely easy to make as you can just take out the insert once it is cooked and not have to pick up little leaves or sprigs with a spoon or tweezers.
The pot I use is 4,5 liters, so we get about 3-3,5 liters tea in the end.


Rinse the peppermint in cold water and put it in the sieve insert. Put it into the pot and fill up with cold water until it is almost full.
Put it on the stove and bring gently to the boil.
Let it bubble for 5 minutes.
Pull off the heat and take out the sieve with the peppermint. Let it drip off properly.
Put the pot back on the heat on medium and add sugar to taste.
I normally add between 100-200 grams sugar, depending on how flavorful and tart the peppermint is.
Once you have added the sugar, stir gently to dissolve the sugar, taste and add more if needed. Repeat until you get the desired sweetness.
Pull if off the heat and set aside to cool. Once it is chilled a bit, pour into jugs and put in the fridge to chill properly.


Enjoy chilled in the sun! 🙂


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