Celebratory fruit skewers

It has been a long and exhausting but fun day filled with way too much food. That is always the case when celebrating anything in Norway really and today we celebrated the Norwegian Constitution Day. The main cake of the day was featured in my previous post and that was a rich and flavorful cake that got the reaction you always want to get when putting time and effort into a good bake.


My oldest got to see a picture of it before we got it out of the fridge and looked quite bedazzled. All he said was a quiet “wooow”. Once we got the cake out of the fridge, he looked ecstatic and he ate his lunch faster than ever to be able to have a piece.

A little treat the boys got today were these fruit skewers with berries and marshmallows. These are really simple to make and you can make them with any fruits and berries available. I added a few pieces of marshmallows on there to make it a bit of a treat too. They were made with the theme of the Norwegian flag to continue the celebration, and surprisingly enough my four year old actually noticed that it looked like the flag.


Skewers like these are also perfect for children’s parties. Easy, delicious and healthy as a dessert or a snack for the kids. They can also join in making them if you pre-cut the fruits into bits and thus making it into an activity for them too.

Today my boys were just served these and they were super happy about getting a little treat with their berries. It is also great to see their reaction when they get it served in a more decadent fashion than just all muddled into a bowl.


Hope you have all had a great day too wherever you may be in the world. 🙂

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