Rhubarb clafoutis

I would call this a rhubarb clafoutis, but Ralph thought it was more of a rhubarb souffle. So we agreed it could be called either. It does behave a bit like a souffle too as it rises quite a bit in the oven and fairly quickly deflates after it’s take out of the oven.

Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5707

This one continues the week of the rhubarb features. Keep in mind that it does need a little bit of sweetness on the side and a vanilla ice cream is perfect. Without the little side to the dish it will be quite bland. We had run out of vanilla ice cream and only had one with chocolate bits left. That turned out to fit very well too actually.

Rhubarb filling:
5 – 7 rhubarb stalks
50 grams sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar

Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5695

Clean and peel the rhubarb. Cut into small dices and out in a bowl. Sprinkle the sugar and vanilla sugar on top and toss gently. Leave in the bowl to marinate while you mix the clafoutis mixture.

Base recipe:
300 ml milk
3 eggs
25 grams sugar
1/2 vanilla pod (seeds only)
300 ml all purpose flour
20 ml melted butter
Icing sugar for decoration

Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5697Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5698

Turn the oven on to 175 degrees Celsius.
Whisk milk, egg, sugar, vanilla, butter and flour together in a bowl. Whisk the batter until it is nice and smooth.
Grease a pie form or similar (20*20 cm or 20 cm diameter sized).
Pour a thin layer of batter into the form and put it in the over to cook for 5 minutes. Take the form out and put the rhubarb into the form. Spread it out evenly and then pour the remainder of the batter over.

Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5701Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5702
Cook for an additional 30-40 minutes until the cake is nice and golden and fairly solid.
Take it out of the oven, sprinkle some icing sugar on top and serve immediately with vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream.

Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5705rhubarb souffle_IMG_5709

This could also be served with whipped cream with vanilla, vanilla yoghurt or vanilla quark. As mentioned, it definitely needs that little bit of vanilla and sweetness to enhance the flavor of the cake. In many ways, I’d think of this similar as I would serving an apple cake. If you like custard, you could also serve it with that.

Rhubarb souffle_IMG_5712

Do you have any good suggestions for what to make with rhubarb? We still have plenty in the garden, so I am very open to suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb clafoutis

  1. This rhubarb clafoutis looks beautiful; I will try it ; I made a cherry one last week but it was too dense; your recipe sounds lighter.
    I bought a bottle of rhubarb vinegar at a farmer’s market some time ago and use it in dressings for tomatoes or leafy greens; It is really nice..
    You’d need to simmer 4 cups of chopped rhubarb+ 1 cup caster sugar +1 cup of white vinegar for 12-15 minutes, stirring and skimming off the foam ; then strain, discard the fruit, cool down and add another 3/4 cup of white vinegar… and bottle.
    Use in dressings or with soda water as a refreshing drink…

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