Whole grain crisp bread with seeds

Crisp bread_IMG_6010I thought I’d break up the rhubarb feature with a bit of a healthy breakfast/lunch treat. These are easy to make, healthy, tasty and great for a quick breakfast or to have in the lunchbox. My boys also enjoy these, so I see it as a great way to get a bit of fiber into them as well. I even use them as a little snack to tie them over before dinner.

If you use the crisp bread in the lunch box, I’d recommend to keep the bread and topping separately to avoid them going soggy and chewy. They are much better when they are crispy.


Crisp bread_IMG_5989

300 ml rolled oats
100 ml bran
150 ml strong whole grain flour
150 ml Whole grain rye flour
100 ml flaxseed
175 ml sunflower seeds
200 ml pumpkin seeds
75 ml chia seeds
100 grams chopped Walnuts
3 tsp flake sea salt
2 tbsp runny honey
700 ml water

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Dissolve the honey in a little bit of hot water. Add the honey and water to the dry ingredients and mix well. The mixture is supposed to be wet.
Leave the mixture to swell for 10-15 minutes.

Crisp bread_IMG_5991Crisp bread_IMG_5993

Use two trays lined with baking paper and spread half the mixture on each tray. The mixture must be spread evenly and thinly and should cover the entire tray. Use a semi hard silicone spatula to spread the mixture.

Crisp bread_IMG_5998
If you use a fan oven, you can cook both trays at the same time. Set the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Put one tray at the top and one at the bottom in the oven. After 15 minutes, take them out and cut the crisp bread into squares or rectangles with a pizza cutter. Put them back in the oven and cook for 20 minutes before swapping the trays in the oven to ensure an even bake.

Crisp bread_IMG_6001
Bake for another 20 minutes. Then open the door and leave for another 10 to 15 minutes to dry up. You can turn down the heat, but don’t turn off the fan.

Break the crisp breads apart and cool on a rack.

These are great with good cheese and salami! Enjoy.

Crisp bread_IMG_6005


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