Rhubarb and peppermint crumble

Yet “another rhubarb crumble” you might think, but this one has a tiny little twist as I have added a few sprigs of peppermint to the mixture. Getting the right balance gives a wonderful freshness to the pie without overpowering the rhubarb flavor. I recommend sticking to peppermint leaves when making this as other and stronger mint will quickly overpower the rest of the flavors in the pie.


Making a crumble is such an easy and humble dessert. You can easily whip it up when expecting guests and it is a great way of using fruit that is a little wilted, but still perfectly fine to use, like these slightly wrinkled apples. Even if a this may not be the apple of choice when you just want a snack, these are fantastic to use as a balance to the more tart rhubarb. They are incredibly sweet and delicious and definitely worth using in a crumble rather than having to end up in the compost.


Both the rhubarb and the mint have been growing rapidly these last weeks in the garden, and trying to combine them in a crumble was more on a whim than anything else. And it turned out that they compliment each other a lot better than I expected.

I have previously made a post about peppermint tea, which you can make with the leftover peppermint. I picked enough to make both and especially my youngest love the cold peppermint tea.


4 stalks of rhubarb
3 tbsp sugar
2 yellow apples
3-4 sprigs peppermint


Clean, peel and cut the rhubarb and apple into cubes. Put the rhubarb into the pie form and sprinkle the sugar on top. Let it soak a little in the form before adding the the apples. Chop the peppermint leaves thinly, or use a herb chopper. Toss everything together in the pie form.


100 grams almond flour
50 grams all purpose flour
100 grams butter (slightly softened)
75 grams sugar
100 grams rolled oats
1 tsp vanilla sugar


Set the oven to 180 degrees.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with your hands to a firm but crumble dough. Spread it evenly over the rhubarb and apple filling.
Cook for 45 minutes and take out to cool a little and serve with ice cream, whipped cream or vanilla quark.


This dessert is perfect for dinner with friends on a nice Summer night. The peppermint adds a great and subtle freshness to the dish that takes it to a new level.


Enjoy! 🙂



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