White chocolate mousse with berries

I love going into the local city center on a sunny Saturday morning when the shops are doing their very best to create life in the street. The lemon and pistachio cream is an idea gotten from Olivier’s & Co. They served fresh strawberries with the cream outside their shop a couple of weeks ago. Me, being a sucker for these little treats and offers, I of course had to buy the ingredients and use them for a dessert.

White mousse_IMG_6126

At home, I made this simple white chocolate mousse, which is a spin on the chocolate mousse I made earlier. The white chocolate is a bit more temperamental than normal chocolate, so getting it properly good and fluffy is not as easy as with the other one. Realistically, this one turned into more of a fluffy cream than a proper mousse, but delicious nonetheless! The lemon and pistachio is a sweet cream, but the acidity of the lemon, as well as the freshness of the raspberries adds the balance needed to make this a great Summer dessert. This version is not dairy free even if using soy milk as the white chocolate contains milk.

250 ml soy cream
200 grams white chocolate
1 tsp vanilla sugar
Lemon and pistachio cream
Fresh raspberries

White mousse_IMG_6130

Chop the white chocolate (unless using chocolate buttons). Put the chocolate into a small baking bowl.
Heat the cream to approx. 55 degrees C. Add the vanilla sugar and mix into the liquid. Take off the heat once it reaches the right temperature. Take it off the heat and pour over the chocolate. Let it sit for a minute before mixing together. Let it cool to room tempearature before mixing well with a hand mixer. This may take a few minutes and it may not get to proper mousse consistency, but it is just as delicious as a fluffy cream. Once it reaches the desired consistency, put it into serving glasses and put into the fridge to cool. Let it cool completely before serving them up.

White mousse_IMG_6133The lemon and pistachio cream is a mix of pistachio cream and lemon olive oil from Olivier’s & Co. If you wish to attempt to make something like this yourself, the pistachio cream is blended pistachios with sugar and a little bit of oil, and it is quite sweet. It definitaly needs a bit of the lemon oil to cut through the sweetness too. I used 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture for each serving and finished with the fresh raspberries on top.



Enjoy with a glass of nice Tokaji dessert wine or something lighter like a nice prosecco.

White mousse_IMG_6122

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