Marshmallow cake


Now this is just sticky, fluffy, sugar deliciousness! A childhood memory of birthdays with kids high on sugar after only a couple of bites! But so incredibly fun and delicious. I made this for our son’s 2nd birthday on the weekend and it was a hit with the kids indeed. 
This is very easy to make, but takes a little bit of time and patience by the kitchen machine. It is also a bit noisy as you have to run your machine at full speed for a while. A good tip is to make sure to have to cover for your machine on. Else you risk getting little sticky marshmallow dots all over your kitchen.


4 egg white
6 gelatin sheets
100 ml boiling water
300 grams sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
Sprinkles and desiccated coconut.

In a clean bowl, start whisking the egg whites and sugar at full speed. This mixture needs to mix for about 20 minutes. Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Cook the water and pull of the heat. Squeeze the soaked gelatin leaves and put in the hot water to dissolve. Swirl or mix with a whisk to ensure it dissolves properly.


Once the egg mixture has been whisked for 10 to 15 minutes, add the gelatin mixture a little at the time. The best is to pour in a thin thread while keeping the mixer going. Once everything is incorporated, keep mixing for another 5 minutes or so. When you think it is fluffy and still enough, mix for another few minutes just to be on the safe side. It should be very fluffy and stiff once it is done.

To dish up, you can cut a cake ring directly onto your serving plate. Pour a couple for tablespoons of desiccated coconut on the plate before adding the fluffy mixture on top.

50 grams vegetable shortening
300 grams good chocolate. Preferably a darker type, but not too bitter.


While the marshmallow mixture is being made, put your chocolate and shortening in a metal bowl over a pot of simmering water to melt. Mix gently with a whisk to ensure it is well incorporated and properly melted. Take off the heat and allow to cool a little. Once you have poured the marshmallow mixture into your mold, push it a little into place and even the surface. Then, pour the chocolate mixture very gently on top of the cake. Sprinkle some decoration on top if you wish to add some color.

Let the cake cool for a few hours in the fridge, preferably over night. And then serve to your eagerly awaiting kids!

You can also use the recipe for the marshmallow here to make cream puffs (fløteboller), but I would likely use more vegetable shortening for the chocolate then as it has to be poured over and create a cover on the puffs. Definitely something I will try at some point and post the recipe for. But first we need to land from the sugar rush of this one.

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