Fruit inspiration

Getting my two little monkey’s to eat their fruits is actually not very difficult. They tend to devour most fruits put in front of them. But they enjoy some changes and inspiration every now and then too.


Making some creative fruit plates can be quite time consuming if you want to take your time and make something different, but it definitely doesn’t have to be to spark their enthusiasm. Some of the simplest creations often get a better reaction than the ones I have put a bit of work into, like this little apple and banana car. You can’t make it much simpler than this and both boys were super happy to eat a little car each.


On the other hand, my 4 year old answered (for fun) that he wanted minion for lunch the other day. He had a very cheeky smile on his face as he had just watched something with minions on the ipad. He was referring to a candy bag we found on vacation with minion jelly figures and wanted some of them. As we were making lunch, that was not part of what was being offered, but rather than let him down completely, I decided to give him minion to eat in a healthier version. So while he was eating his sandwich, I made a minion of grapes, mango and some small chocolate bits for him. The facial expression when I put the plate in front of him was priceless. Puzzled and excited at the same time.


His brother of course wanted a minion too, so I went back to the chopping board and made him a chubby one with strawberries, mango and a few chocolate bits. Definitely not my finest creation, but more than good enough for the 2 year old.


Then came an order from the other one for one more! They eat these much faster than I manage to make them. ๐Ÿ™‚ But this time I made it a little simpler with a whole piece of mango instead of little bits. Quicker and easier to make, but a little bit messy for them to eat. The last one was also with strawberries and mango. You could easily use other fruits like melon, apples, pears and blueberries to make these as well.


When the order came for another minion, I was out of mango and tired of minions, so I said I would make him a surprise instead. The eagerly waiting stare from the 4 year old was fun. He asked several times what I was making, but I kept telling him he had to wait, only to get a very excited “YAY, RED BIIIRD!” when I put the plate in front of him. I used a cooking ring to plate this up and there is about three layers of diced strawberries to make a “full body”. The eyes and chin are made with bananas. The beak is the last mango pieces and the eyebrows are grapes. Tale feather and eye balls are little chocolate buttons I have cut up.


The more complicated figures require a bit of patience and practice. As you can see, the last minion was probably the “prettiest” of the bunch. But to the kids, it doesn’t matter! They love this no matter how ugly or pretty they look. If they are complicated or not. And should you not have any ideas on what to make, just put the fruits on a wooden barbecue skewer instead to mix it up. I tend to get the kids to try new fruits that way as you can read more about in some older posts, both for special occasions and just as a treat.

You can also find more fruit inspiration with some simpler figures as well in my previous post with animals.


I hope you have found some good inspiration for getting your little ones to eat their fruits. I have to admit that these tiny little bits of chocolate on the plates add a lot of joy to the kids as well. I try to keep candy as a “weekend thing”, but I have no reservations putting these little bits on just to excite them either. It is a nice surprise and it makes them so excited about the overall plate that they typically attack everything on the plate without giving it a second thought as to if it is something they “like” or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

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