Off the beaten track in Denmark – Fru Møller’s Mølleri (mill, restaurant, farm shop and butcher)

During the vacation time, we like to find new places to visit and sometimes you see an advertisement or even just a comment online and think “let’s check it out”. This place is one of those. I randomly saw a short note in a small pamphlet and thought we should go visit to see what it was like. With these places, it can be anything from a small run down farm shop (which we also found on our vacation) to and old majestic farm with the scenery and quality to go with it. This one was on the latter end of the scale. It is a huge old brick farm with a gorgeous yard.


Driving there, I thought it was a farm shop and cafe/restaurant in one. Arriving, we quickly figured there was more to it than that. The old farm has a beautiful restaurant, a bakery and farm shop, a butcher and even a small coffee roasting place.  We were lucky to get a table for lunch, not realizing ahead of arrival how popular a place it actually was. They recommended their tapas platter with their “farm temptations”, including salamis from their own butcher and it was absolutely delicious. In addition there were local cheeses, picked onions, patè, potato salad and fresh and delicious bread. Or you can have their lunch plank with 3 or 4 seasonal dishes as shown in the picture below.


They had a child platter as well, which was not much success with the 4 year old. However, that has nothing to do with the food. The 4 year old has his mind set that he wanted pizza, which was not on the menu. The restaurant is probably a bit better suited for older kids, but they had great service and welcomed the kids with open arms. And they did love the bread and ate their fair share of that at least.


The bakery and farm shop next door was much more interesting to the kids and they each got a small tub of the local ice cream, which was an immediate success. They had plenty of delicious baked goods, fresh breads, jams, flour and chocolates. Anything you need for some indulgence on your vacation.

20150711_184349 20150711_184405

Across the court yard, you find the butcher with some tasty local salamis and other delicious meat products. We bought a few pieces of the salami as a treat and they were very good quality, just like the ones we got during dinner. The only letdown was that the one I really wanted to try, one with feta cheese was sold out. The last piece was sold to the customer in front of me! How is that for bad luck? But not to worry, we’ll be back and then I can hopefully get to try it.


The restaurant also offers food baskets to take home which we may be trying out next time we go to Denmark. The ones I have seen advertised looked gorgeous with lots of local produce, like chicken from Hopballe Mill and delicious condiments.

Fru Møller’s Mølleri & Restaurant is located just outside Odder, a small town south of Aarhus in Denmark. I’d strongly recommend having a car with a GPS to get there. If you are in Aarhus, Horsens, Billund or the surroundings, it is definitely worth a visit. Reviews of the restaurant, called Madhimlen can be found on TripAdvisor too.

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