Homemade tea


Now this is not something you start tonight and expect to finish tonight! It is a pretty long process that involves drying off the ingredients slowly in the oven.


I have used:
Peppermint leaves
Black currants
Lemon zest


The peppermint leaves were pulled apart and washed before I laid them out on a towel on the table. Toss them gently occasionally and let them dry for 1 – 2 weeks.


All the ingredients, except for the apples and lemon were from the garden, as our apples are not ripe just yet. It is great to try out new things to make with our produce and to test new ways of preserving what we have.




The fruits and berries were cleaned and chopped into very small bits, except for the black currants which I left whole. On individual trays in the oven, they were dried at 50 – 60 degrees Celsius for 2-3 days. I turned the oven off over night. Should you have a dehydrator, this job would be a lot easier!


We used tea bags that I bought online, called T-Sac. These were easy to use and fill, but do not seal and have no closing mechanism. Since the tea mixture was fairly solid, it was not too much of a worry this time, but it may be an idea to use paperclips or staples to close them properly if the tea mixture is a bit finer than ours.


Once we had filled the bags, I made little gift bags for a couple of my friends, and got feedback that the tea was very good.


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