Silje_headshotAfter some time on Instagram and with several encouragements of starting a blog, we have decided to do just that.

We are Silje & Ralph, a married couple in Norway. We have two boys, or monkey’s as we like to call them. We all enjoy good, wholesome, homemade food. We have a big garden of approximately 1500 square meters where we grow a lot of vegetables, fruits and berries. During the main growing season, we attempt to be self-provided for the majority of fruit, vegetables and berries. By doing this, we also teach our children where food comes from. They have learnt to appreciate being able to pick delicious fruit and vegetables from before they could walk.

This page will be dedicated to homegrown produce and homemade food. We will write about gardening and include tips, advice and inspiration for other urban gardeners. We will also write about what we make with the produce from our garden as well as other family oriented recipes, “diy” projects and random yummy things. As the kids are small, the travels we do may not be extremely adventurous, but they often include food, so every now and then we will post some travel related posts too.

We also both enjoy great wine, so occasionally there may be some features of good wine along the way too. 🙂

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