Summer berry jam

This year’s Summer has been a bit on the cold side, especially when comparing to last year which was completely awesome. This has lead to the growing season going ahead very slowly and us wondering whether we would have much to harvest at all this year. Luckily, the crops are now finally starting to show themselves and we have been able to enjoy homegrown food.

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Off the beaten track in Denmark – Fru Møller’s Mølleri (mill, restaurant, farm shop and butcher)

During the vacation time, we like to find new places to visit and sometimes you see an advertisement or even just a comment online and think “let’s check it out”. This place is one of those. I randomly saw a short note in a small pamphlet and thought we should go visit to see what it was like. With these places, it can be anything from a small run down farm shop (which we also found on our vacation) to and old majestic farm with the scenery and quality to go with it. This one was on the latter end of the scale. It is a huge old brick farm with a gorgeous yard.

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Off the beaten track – Billund Bageri (bakery)

20150427_102341So what’s with all the travel posts from Denmark you may think?
I have recently been to Denamrk a few times to check on our holiday house down there. We will likely be going to Legoland every single year in the foreseeable future. Or at least there is a risk of that happening, but we will see. With two boys aged 2 and 4 years old, and a Lego loving uncle (even if he is slightly older …. almost 30 🙂 ) there will be Lego overload for years to come, especially for mum.

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Off the beaten track – Hobro Mini Zoo


With so many large attractions in Denmark,  one may wonder if it is worth going past these small family run places. It definitely depends on what you want to experience and how much time you have. I also think it is much more interesting when you have young kids. We stopped here during our Easter vacation with the kids as it fitted nicely with a lunch stop and we got to visit some relatives at the same time. Continue reading

Easter egg hunt & twist bread recipe

What could be more fun for the kids to do during Easter than an Easter egg hunt? We’ve had a wonderful day with 11 kids running around searching for Easter eggs in the garden, eating candy, hot dogs, marshmallows and just having great fun. It takes a little effort to plan and execute, but if you share the tasks with your friends, you can easily arrange an Easter egg hunt without too much planning or preparation needed.

Delicious grilled marshmallows

Delicious grilled marshmallows

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