The easiest chocolate mousse

I never strive to make overcomplicated and overly fancy meals. Quite frankly, I just don’t have time for it. I work full time and have my two little monkeys that deserve their attention for the few hours I see them every day. As such, most of our meals are quick and easy and so are the desserts I make.┬áThis one is probably among the easiest I have ever made. And with all the wonderful berries coming into season now, it is simply delicious.

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Celebratory fruit skewers

It has been a long and exhausting but fun day filled with way too much food. That is always the case when celebrating anything in Norway really and today we celebrated the Norwegian Constitution Day. The main cake of the day was featured in my previous post and that was a rich and flavorful cake that got the reaction you always want to get when putting time and effort into a good bake.

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Rhubarb almond crumble


20150501_211758The start of the growing season is finally here!! And it is such a wonderful treat to be able to go outside in the garden and pick your own produce to cook with. I tend to forget from year to year how good it makes you feel as by the end of the growing season, it becomes much more of a habit. And then, over the darker parts of the year, you start to miss it more and more as you use the rest of the staples from the last harvest. Continue reading

Tropical smoothie

Tropical smoothie_IMG_5358

Smoothie is a great snack to tie the kids over before dinner when they have had a long day in kindergarten and school, or as a healthy dessert after dinner. I find it a great dessert if they have not eaten too much of their dinner and I think they need a little bit more nutrition than what they have had during their meal. However, it is not always the easiest to think of new ingredients to test out new recipes, especially not when the kids are the judges. They tend to ask for what they know and like. But, during one of the last shops, Ralph discovered a frozen smoothie mix in the freezer section at the supermarket. This mix contains pineapple, mango and banana, so all that was needed to add was some liquid. Continue reading

Couscous salad with duck breast


I have to admit, we don’t always feel like eating the same dinner as the boys. If they get to choose, they will have fish finger, nuggets, pasta or pizza, all of which can be made into fairly tasty and healthy dinners with some tweaks, but we tend to postpone dinner until the boys are sleeping at least a couple of days a week. That means we need to find dinners that are not too heavy or time consuming to make as it is not healthy or pleasant to go to bed feeling completely stuffed. A type of salad with some protein is a great late dinner and this one is with couscous. Continue reading

Pancake fun

Pancake fun_IMG_3593

The boys just love it when I make them some fun pancakes, especially animal pancakes. It doesn’t have to be very fancy or perfectly made either, they are quite happy with anything I put a little effort into making. It is great fun to see how excited they get when they get a little treat. Continue reading

Blueberry smoothie

A little boost of antioxidants is a great snack in between meals, or as a dessert after dinner. My boys jump for joy and race to the freezer to get frozen berries when I ask if they want to make a smoothie.

Blueberry smoothie_IMG_4176

What I have also found is that it is a great way to get nutrition into them when they are not feeling the best. Even if we are hopefully nearing the end of the cold and flu season, it is still a good idea to keep at the back of ones mind. I often struggle to get much solids into them if they have a bit of a temperature or a feeling a bit under the weather. But they have to be very ill to not want a good smoothie. Continue reading

Fun with fruit


Kids are easy to please and entertain with a little bit of effort with a good selection of fruits and a few little aids.
Adding some creativity to the dessert plates is always highly appreciated by my kids. With a few tools and some bit of inspiration, you can easily make some fun plates for the kids. My trick to get some inspiration is that I search for the figure or shapes with Google images. An image of the animal, figure, vehicle or similar that I would like to make is all that is needed to be able to cut some fruit and berries into the shapes needed. Continue reading