Spring garden


It has been an incredibly slow blog week. We are moving into the Summer holidays with lots to finish up at work before everyone heads of for their vacations, which is wonderful on it’s own, but has taken the focus off my food making and even more so the blog. However, the garden is progressing, albeit very very slowly this year as we are seeing record low temperatures for May and June. This is pushing back the expected harvest by quite a few weeks. This time last year, we were harvesting potatoes and strawberries and seeing a lot more progression in general in the garden. Quite a bit of the crop may not grow to full maturity with the weather we are seeing so far. Continue reading

Planting corn


Sometimes people look a bit puzzled at some of the fruit and vegetable we plant in our garden. Last years’ talking point and eyebrow raising plant was corn. We had a very surprisingly good crop of corn in the garden. We did plant it more as an experiment than anything else, not really expecting too much produce from the plants. But, to our surprise and likely due to some very nice weather, we had quite a few corns on the cob from our own backyard. The boys loved these and were a little sad then the season was over. Continue reading

Spring feel in the garden

The first real spring weekend this year and we have spent the Saturday as much outside as possible. Ralph got to do some work in the garden while Silje took the boys for a walk into town to explore the new shops and enjoy a coffee (for mum) and icecream (the 4 year old). Our oldest has been asking to go for a walk into town for a while, but the weather has not really been good enough to embark on a longer excursion with the kids until now.

Some oregano in the greenhouse

Some oregano in the greenhouse

A beautiful little crocus

A beautiful little crocus






Continue reading

Bumblebees – Spring in the garden


The bumblebees have appeared in the garden over the last few days. A delightful and good sign of spring for any gardener. It is nice to see these beautiful little creatures this early and know that when the fruit trees and berry bushes and the rest of the plants start sprouting, we will have the bees there to help with the pollination. A healthy garden needs bees. Pollination is half the job needed, so without bees, the garden would suffer. Continue reading