Summer berry jam

This year’s Summer has been a bit on the cold side, especially when comparing to last year which was completely awesome. This has lead to the growing season going ahead very slowly and us wondering whether we would have much to harvest at all this year. Luckily, the crops are now finally starting to show themselves and we have been able to enjoy homegrown food.

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Rhubarb compote


Following what I mentioned in the Rhubarb cordial recipe, you can use the leftover cooked rhubarb to make a delicious compote! This ensures there is no waste when you have finished making the cordial mixture. When growing your own produce, you often get a more conscious approach to using all parts of the fruit and vegetables. The compote is simple, refreshing and a perfect little Summer dessert on the terrace, served with yoghurt, cream or quark. Continue reading

Rhubarb cordial

Cordial_IMG_6274The Summer is really not arriving this year in Norway. We are seeing record low temperatures for May and June is not seeming to get much better. Temperatures are still in the low teens and the garden progression is slow at best.

We are doing our best to use the limited produce we have already, but I hope we will be getting more fruits and vegetables to chose from soon. Continue reading

Homemade apple jelly

Fresh apple jelly

Fresh apple jelly

We started this tradition of making apple jelly after Silje’s brother came over with parts of their apple harvest. We still have yet to get a decent harvest from our trees as they are a bit too young still. After that, we have made some more when the supermarkets have had very good specials on apples as well. This is a very versatile jelly that can be used just as a spread, with cheese, tapas or as a sweet addition to game dinner. We especially enjoy this with a good cheese platter and our boys will happily have it on sandwiches.  Continue reading

Blood orange marmalade

Oranges is a must for Easter in Norway. And with tradition comes specials at the supermarkets. Recently, we’ve kept finding blood oranges on special when doing grocery shopping. This has left a little bit if challenge on how to use these little sweet wonders to make tasty food. My last attempt was actually to make some citrus marmalade. And now I can’t wait to try eat it.

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