Off the beaten track – Billund Bageri (bakery)

20150427_102341So what’s with all the travel posts from Denmark you may think?
I have recently been to Denamrk a few times to check on our holiday house down there. We will likely be going to Legoland every single year in the foreseeable future. Or at least there is a risk of that happening, but we will see. With two boys aged 2 and 4 years old, and a Lego loving uncle (even if he is slightly older …. almost 30 🙂 ) there will be Lego overload for years to come, especially for mum.

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Crisp bread with dates

A good crisp bread is great for breakfasts, lunch boxes or as a mid-day snack to tie you over. This one is slightly different to what I have made before, with chopped dates embedded in them, making these ones great as tapas sides with salty cheeses and salamis. I actually made these for a tapas and wine tasting evening we had with some friends. And I will share recipes for some of the other dishes I made in the coming days.

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Dairy free breakfast crescent rolls

Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

It’s not always easy to find good recipes for dairy free variations for good baked goods. This time I found and modified a recipe that originally had yogurt in it. I didn’t have soy yogurt without flavor at hand, so I swapped with soy cream instead. And the result was very delicious. It creates a whole different wholesomeness to the flavor of the buns. You can of course make these with a basic bread bun dough as well, but there is a bit more flavor to these. Continue reading

Pancake fun

Pancake fun_IMG_3593

The boys just love it when I make them some fun pancakes, especially animal pancakes. It doesn’t have to be very fancy or perfectly made either, they are quite happy with anything I put a little effort into making. It is great fun to see how excited they get when they get a little treat. Continue reading