Deconstructed berry dessert

Fruit dessert_IMG_5630

So simple and so delicious! This makes for a great celebratory dessert during the holidays in May. We have quite a few holidays in May in Norway, including the main one which is the Constitution Day. This dessert is perfect for such a celebration.

I can’t wait to be able to make this dessert with berries harvested from the garden. The bushes are barely starting to bud now and we can hopefully look forward to a good harvest again this year. Last year we had an amazing harvest of raspberries, both yellow ones and red ones. These will make for beautiful desserts in the coming months and the boys really love picking and eating them in the garden. Continue reading

Banana oats cookies

Banana oats cookies_IMG_5518

Banana oats cookies_IMG_5494Baking with kids can be both fun and frustrating at the same time, but I have learnt to keep it as simple as possible when involving my two little monkeys. They are currently aged almost 2 and 4 and a bit years old. That proves a little bit of a challenge to allow them to attend at an equal level. The oldest is very good at helping, whereas the youngest believes he is very good at helping. 🙂 Recently, I found this recipe on Pamplemousse’s blog! It is easy, few ingredients and such a simple and good treat for the kids! If you go easy on the chocolate, they are more food than treats too. Continue reading

Easter leftover sugar cookies

Easter is over for now and it is time to leave the cabin and clean out the kitchen leftovers! I tried to try use some of the staples and some of the leftovers in the candy bowls (yes, we have leftovers… 🙂 ), and decided to make some simple dairy free sugar cookies. The ones with the Easter egg chocolates on are not completely dairy free though.

Sugar cookies filled with leftover marzipan and nougat eggs from Anton Berg

Sugar cookies filled with leftover marzipan and nougat eggs from Anton Berg

Sugar cookies_IMG_4762I am not sure everyone agreed this counted as cleaning up in the kitchen, but no one complains when they get cookies. And I managed to use up some of the stuff I wanted to get out of the kitchen cupboards too. The best part is, we all have treats for the drive home! Continue reading

Soft cottage cheese cookies

Quite often the little monkey’s will declare that they want to make something. Typically, they want to make buns or muffins. But buns will take a while and muffins, well that is not the healthiest to make on a regular basis. Often I can persuade then into making something else, as they are generally happy as long as it involves pouring ingredients into the mixer and being allowed to turn it on.

Cottage cheese_IMG_4153 Continue reading

Licorice macaron cookies


Now these were born as part of a little experiment. Really, I was going to teach a friend how to make macarons. But for some silly reason thought to change up the recipe a little, just for the sake of trying something new.

Why mess with something that works, you may ask? Well… It gets pretty boring in the kitchen if you stick to the same old recipes every single time. But I have made a note to self not to experiment too badly when I am actually teaching someone how to make something. Continue reading