Dinner at a pop-up restaurant

It is always exciting to try out new and innovative food. Every year there is a large food festival in Stavanger, called Glad Mat (happy food), where the entire harbour area in town is filled with food stalls by producers, restaurants and other organizations within the food industry. The restaurants in the region often have special menus featured, there are concerts in town and just overall a great buzz in the entire city.

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White chocolate mousse with berries

I love going into the local city center on a sunny Saturday morning when the shops are doing their very best to create life in the street. The lemon and pistachio cream is an idea gotten from Olivier’s & Co. They served fresh strawberries with the cream outside their shop a couple of weeks ago. Me, being a sucker for these little treats and offers, I of course had to buy the ingredients and use them for a dessert.

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Pavlova seems to have become the new national celebratory cake in this country too. Before the Constitution Day, the newspapers and food magazines were filled with recipe suggestions for how to make a good pavlova. I initially got to know this wonderful cake through my other half, who is Australian, where this cake origins from, or it may be New Zealand, but the main point is that it was pretty unknown in Norway until a few years ago. Continue reading

A few hours in Copenhagen

Earlier this week we had a very short escape to Copenhagen and even if this is not a travel blog at all,we still thought it would be nice to share a post on our little trip. As we had some business to attend to and a husband with a twisted knee, the trip did not allow for too much walking around. But we can share some insights nonetheless for those who might be considering a trip to Copenhagen.

Mocca's to go to start the trip.

Mocca’s to go to start the trip. And they spelled my name correctly! 🙂 (But not Ralph’s).

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