Pavlova seems to have become the new national celebratory cake in this country too. Before the Constitution Day, the newspapers and food magazines were filled with recipe suggestions for how to make a good pavlova. I initially got to know this wonderful cake through my other half, who is Australian, where this cake origins from, or it may be New Zealand, but the main point is that it was pretty unknown in Norway until a few years ago. Continue reading

French onion soup

Again we have had some lovely and busy days on the weekend with exceptional weather on Sunday. That of course has an impact on the time to work on the blog. But not to worry, I have had the opportunity to work on some dishes, I just haven’t had too much time to write up the posts. In the garden, we have dug up loads and loads of dandelions. The boys have helped carry them over to the compost and have been such good little gardeners, sharing a kid sized wheel barrow and running back and forth in the garden. We still have loads of dandelions to get rid off, but a little at the time and we will hopefully get there in the end. It is very nice to be able to work in the garden and have the help from the boys and seeing how helpful they are and how nicely they can work together when they get the right encouragement.

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Rhubarb almond crumble


20150501_211758The start of the growing season is finally here!! And it is such a wonderful treat to be able to go outside in the garden and pick your own produce to cook with. I tend to forget from year to year how good it makes you feel as by the end of the growing season, it becomes much more of a habit. And then, over the darker parts of the year, you start to miss it more and more as you use the rest of the staples from the last harvest. Continue reading

Strawberry panna cotta

Strawberry pannacotta_IMG_5279

I often go back to my basic recipe for panna cotta and just make little tweaks to it when we have guests over for dinner. This time I made a strawberry panna cotta with yoghurt, a sauce of strawberries and some lemon curd. The recipe I use is not a traditional panna cotta, which many find a little complicated to make, especially when using a traditional recipe with egg. This recipe is quite fresh compared to the traditional version since I use yoghurt. I also use gelatin, which is not correct if you wish to be authentic. But I love this recipe, so I will divert from a winning recipe any time soon. 🙂 Continue reading

Spanish omelette my way

Spanish omelette_IMG_5283

I not very good at sticking to traditional recipes. Most of the time, when I get an idea for something to make, I tend to be missing an ingredient or two, but rather than popping to the shop for the missing parts, I tend to use something else from the fridge or pantry. With dishes like a Spanish omelette, this is not an issue at all as it is the kind of dish you can alternate depending on the content of the fridge or what you are serving it with. Continue reading

Mushroom risotto

While it is not really mushroom season and I definitely prefer using fresh produce, you can still make a good risotto with good frozen mushrooms too. Or the selection you may find at the supermarket. A risotto is a great weekend dinner for two, but can easily feed a crowd too.

IMG_3884It takes a little bit of time to make if you want to do it properly, but it is definitely worth the wait. And there is no major difference in time if you make it for 2 or 10 people. It is also one of those meals that you can easily change the flavor profile of, just by swapping out some of the ingredients. You can make it lighter by using a lighter style cheese and seafood as topping or a bit more wholesome with bacon, a good sausage or similar. Continue reading

White chocolate cream with licorice

I am not sure whether to call it a mousse or a cream, but it doesn’t matter what you call it, it is absolutely delicious and a great crowd-pleaser. It makes for a perfect dessert for dinner parties, because you need to make it ahead, preferably the day before. And it is very easy, so you can all have a go.

Don’t make very large portions as it is quite heavy. This recipe will make enough for 6 portions.

Finished dessert in chocolate bowls

Finished dessert in chocolate bowls

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