Summer berry jam

This year’s Summer has been a bit on the cold side, especially when comparing to last year which was completely awesome. This has lead to the growing season going ahead very slowly and us wondering whether we would have much to harvest at all this year. Luckily, the crops are now finally starting to show themselves and we have been able to enjoy homegrown food.

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Spring garden


It has been an incredibly slow blog week. We are moving into the Summer holidays with lots to finish up at work before everyone heads of for their vacations, which is wonderful on it’s own, but has taken the focus off my food making and even more so the blog. However, the garden is progressing, albeit very very slowly this year as we are seeing record low temperatures for May and June. This is pushing back the expected harvest by quite a few weeks. This time last year, we were harvesting potatoes and strawberries and seeing a lot more progression in general in the garden. Quite a bit of the crop may not grow to full maturity with the weather we are seeing so far. Continue reading

Rhubarb pie

Rhubarb has been the first vegetable we could harvest from the garden. It really marks the season changes and invites the creativity on! Time to start thinking about what we can make with our homemade produce, which is quite different to planning from what is available in the grocery store! There will be more rhubarb recipes to come over the week on the blog, starting with a humble and simple rhubarb pie.

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Spring is here! Peppermint tea



Trying to enforce some childhood memories for the boys through some of our own. More precisely Ralph’s childhood memories of the fresh homemade peppermint tea. This is so simple and so delicious and it gives the best spring feeling on a sunny day. Bringing this on to our boys, being able to just pick the fresh ingredients in the garden and make something delicious and creating some great memories for them is why we do it all. Continue reading

Planting corn


Sometimes people look a bit puzzled at some of the fruit and vegetable we plant in our garden. Last years’ talking point and eyebrow raising plant was corn. We had a very surprisingly good crop of corn in the garden. We did plant it more as an experiment than anything else, not really expecting too much produce from the plants. But, to our surprise and likely due to some very nice weather, we had quite a few corns on the cob from our own backyard. The boys loved these and were a little sad then the season was over. Continue reading

Homemade apple jelly

Fresh apple jelly

Fresh apple jelly

We started this tradition of making apple jelly after Silje’s brother came over with parts of their apple harvest. We still have yet to get a decent harvest from our trees as they are a bit too young still. After that, we have made some more when the supermarkets have had very good specials on apples as well. This is a very versatile jelly that can be used just as a spread, with cheese, tapas or as a sweet addition to game dinner. We especially enjoy this with a good cheese platter and our boys will happily have it on sandwiches.  Continue reading

Pruning raspberry bushes

March is the perfect time of the year to prune raspberries as the plants are putting effort into new shoots.

Raspberries from last year's harvest

Raspberries from last year’s harvest

Raspberries are plants that have biannual branches that grow directly from the root stock that grow one year and then produce berries in the second year. This means that after the second year, the branches die and need to be cut back to keep the plants orderly and make space for the next years crop. Continue reading