Coconut panna cotta with oven baked rhubarb

Coconut panna cotta_IMG_5899

Finding new ways to update your recipes and using your garden vegetables is not always the easiest. But every now and then that little light bulb comes on. This was definitely one of those moments. I wanted to make a dessert for a dinner with friends, but I also wanted to “upgrade” it a little. So when I noticed we had a can of coconut milk, I decided to try the panna cotta recipe with coconut milk. Continue reading

Strawberry panna cotta

Strawberry pannacotta_IMG_5279

I often go back to my basic recipe for panna cotta and just make little tweaks to it when we have guests over for dinner. This time I made a strawberry panna cotta with yoghurt, a sauce of strawberries and some lemon curd. The recipe I use is not a traditional panna cotta, which many find a little complicated to make, especially when using a traditional recipe with egg. This recipe is quite fresh compared to the traditional version since I use yoghurt. I also use gelatin, which is not correct if you wish to be authentic. But I love this recipe, so I will divert from a winning recipe any time soon. 🙂 Continue reading

Panna cotta with mango and blood orange sauce

A little Sunday treat; panna cotta with lime topped with a mango and blood orange sauce. A nice dessert if you want something with little sugar. You can use less or no sugar in the sauce if you want to.

This is a very nice and easy dessert for entertaining. You can make the panna cotta the day before and the sauce on top can be made just before serving the dessert. For being such an easy dessert, it is also very popular with the guests and versatile. You can easily change it up with different fruits or berries in the sauce and you can use a different yogurt product in the panna cotta mixture. It doesn’t take much to alter the flavor profile of the dessert from one time to the next.

Lime panna cotta with blood orange sauce

Lime pannacotta with blood orange sauce

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