Tropical smoothie

Tropical smoothie_IMG_5358

Smoothie is a great snack to tie the kids over before dinner when they have had a long day in kindergarten and school, or as a healthy dessert after dinner. I find it a great dessert if they have not eaten too much of their dinner and I think they need a little bit more nutrition than what they have had during their meal. However, it is not always the easiest to think of new ingredients to test out new recipes, especially not when the kids are the judges. They tend to ask for what they know and like. But, during one of the last shops, Ralph discovered a frozen smoothie mix in the freezer section at the supermarket. This mix contains pineapple, mango and banana, so all that was needed to add was some liquid. Continue reading

Blueberry smoothie

A little boost of antioxidants is a great snack in between meals, or as a dessert after dinner. My boys jump for joy and race to the freezer to get frozen berries when I ask if they want to make a smoothie.

Blueberry smoothie_IMG_4176

What I have also found is that it is a great way to get nutrition into them when they are not feeling the best. Even if we are hopefully nearing the end of the cold and flu season, it is still a good idea to keep at the back of ones mind. I often struggle to get much solids into them if they have a bit of a temperature or a feeling a bit under the weather. But they have to be very ill to not want a good smoothie. Continue reading

Dairy free smoothies

Raspberry and strawberry smoothie

Raspberry and strawberry smoothie

Our boys just love a smoothie. If they are not feeling the best or just want a treat, they will jump for joy if we suggest making a smoothie. And by that I mean literally jump for joy. When one of them gets to turn on the blender, they shake or dance to the sound and fall on the floor. Very strange, yet cute at the same time. And perfectly normal for two little monkeys aged 4 and almost 2 years old. Continue reading