Off the beaten track in Denmark – Fru Møller’s Mølleri (mill, restaurant, farm shop and butcher)

During the vacation time, we like to find new places to visit and sometimes you see an advertisement or even just a comment online and think “let’s check it out”. This place is one of those. I randomly saw a short note in a small pamphlet and thought we should go visit to see what it was like. With these places, it can be anything from a small run down farm shop (which we also found on our vacation) to and old majestic farm with the scenery and quality to go with it. This one was on the latter end of the scale. It is a huge old brick farm with a gorgeous yard.

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Off the beaten track – Billund Bageri (bakery)

20150427_102341So what’s with all the travel posts from Denmark you may think?
I have recently been to Denamrk a few times to check on our holiday house down there. We will likely be going to Legoland every single year in the foreseeable future. Or at least there is a risk of that happening, but we will see. With two boys aged 2 and 4 years old, and a Lego loving uncle (even if he is slightly older …. almost 30 🙂 ) there will be Lego overload for years to come, especially for mum.

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Off the beaten track – Hobro Mini Zoo


With so many large attractions in Denmark,  one may wonder if it is worth going past these small family run places. It definitely depends on what you want to experience and how much time you have. I also think it is much more interesting when you have young kids. We stopped here during our Easter vacation with the kids as it fitted nicely with a lunch stop and we got to visit some relatives at the same time. Continue reading

Off the beaten track – Hopballe Mølle (Hopballe Mill), Denmark

Hopballe 2Hopballe 1

Visiting Denmark, there are so many of the typical tourist attractions you tend to visit. And don’t get me wrong, we have been past a few of them too! But there are so many small and less known places to see and visit too. During our trip, I looked for places that could be interesting to both adults and the kids. I then quite randomly stumbled across an ad for Hopballe Mølle and we decided to give it a try for breakfast. They serve breakfast on the weekends between 09.00 and 11.45, brunch between 12.15 and 15.00 and then coffee and cake from 14.30 to 17.00. Continue reading

A few hours in Copenhagen

Earlier this week we had a very short escape to Copenhagen and even if this is not a travel blog at all,we still thought it would be nice to share a post on our little trip. As we had some business to attend to and a husband with a twisted knee, the trip did not allow for too much walking around. But we can share some insights nonetheless for those who might be considering a trip to Copenhagen.

Mocca's to go to start the trip.

Mocca’s to go to start the trip. And they spelled my name correctly! 🙂 (But not Ralph’s).

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