Fritatta with green vegetables


The quest for new, inspiring and healthy food for dinners continue. As the boys are still a bit young and picky in their dinner choices, I try to find quick and healthy alternatives for us adults to eat after the monkeys are in bed. One new dish I have tried that will definitely be made again is this fritatta. It is a pretty green dinner, but in a good way with all the added goodness of the healthy green vegetables. If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can always swap for something different. Continue reading

Easter leftover sugar cookies

Easter is over for now and it is time to leave the cabin and clean out the kitchen leftovers! I tried to try use some of the staples and some of the leftovers in the candy bowls (yes, we have leftovers… 🙂 ), and decided to make some simple dairy free sugar cookies. The ones with the Easter egg chocolates on are not completely dairy free though.

Sugar cookies filled with leftover marzipan and nougat eggs from Anton Berg

Sugar cookies filled with leftover marzipan and nougat eggs from Anton Berg

Sugar cookies_IMG_4762I am not sure everyone agreed this counted as cleaning up in the kitchen, but no one complains when they get cookies. And I managed to use up some of the stuff I wanted to get out of the kitchen cupboards too. The best part is, we all have treats for the drive home! Continue reading

Pumpkin soup

Since Easter is just around the corner, the posts on the blog this week will be a little focused towards that topic. I will try to add a little on activities with kids and good family dinners with a hint of yellow to stick with the Easter spirit. 🙂 The first one being a delicious yellow pumpkin soup.

What do you like to eat for Easter?

Vibrant color to a healthy soup

Vibrant color to a healthy soup

I have to admit, pumpkin and pumpkin soup was new to me before I met Ralph. But coming from a different part of the globe, he was used to different vegetable varieties than me and quickly introduced some to our dinner table. Pumpkin has since become a staple in our household and a welcomed change to the more common potato for dinner. I will post other recipes with pumpkin too, but will start with the more traditional way too cook it, namely the pumpkin soup. Continue reading