Whole grain focaccia


I absolutely love a good focaccia. Focaccia is one of those sides that fit with almost any meal. You just change the seasoning on top (or inside) of the bread to fit whatever you are pairing it with. Good bread and especially a good focaccia is one of those things I just can’t stop eating, so I have tried a few recipes with whole grain flour to make it a little healthier. This version turned out really delicious, so I am sharing it with you. Continue reading

Dairy free cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns_IMG_5678

Baking buns has always been a favorite in my kitchen. I find it easy and relaxing to make and such great fun to do with the kids. I always have cinnamon buns in the freezer, which is perfect if you get unexpected visitors. You can take them out and defrost in the oven very quickly and they will taste as if they were freshly baked. Mind they won’t keep very long after being reheated, but they are always best luke warm anyway and most times there won’t be anything left either. Continue reading

Dairy free breakfast crescent rolls

Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

It’s not always easy to find good recipes for dairy free variations for good baked goods. This time I found and modified a recipe that originally had yogurt in it. I didn’t have soy yogurt without flavor at hand, so I swapped with soy cream instead. And the result was very delicious. It creates a whole different wholesomeness to the flavor of the buns. You can of course make these with a basic bread bun dough as well, but there is a bit more flavor to these. Continue reading



A good focaccia is such a simple, wholesome side to a good dinner. It is easy to make and gives a little flavorful addition to i.e. a salad, a soup, pasta or tapas dished. You can easily spice it up with different herbs, flavored oils or flavored salt depending on what you are serving it with. Continue reading